Coffee is an important drink which is an important need for every individual for an energy boost. There are many kinds of coffee types that people prefer to drink. You might have heard people specifying what coffee they want, that you have not heard or tasted, in a coffee shop.

One of those types is decaf. Decafe coffee is not that popular and many people do not consider trying it. It has a very bad rap among the coffee drinkers in the world.

For many years we have been drinking and tasting coffee, striving to make it taste as better as it can. The people who drink coffee might have expected that the decaffeinated beans would taste flat and free from chemicals. Thanks to the new inventions and new try-outs, the coffee now tastes better even if there is no caffeine in it.

This perfection took almost 100 years to reach this level. Due to the advancements in science and technology, coffee tastes even more yummy. We can now enjoy a warm cup of coffee without caffeine in it.

This is only possible through the coffee beans that are made decaf for the convenience of the drinker. We have collected all the data about decaf coffee beans and made this review so that if you ever decide to buy decaf coffee beans, you can easily go through this review and buy any of the specified without worrying about the quality of the taste.

Before beginning the review, it is important to know about these decaf coffee beans. By reading this article you will know all the answers to Who, Why, and How? That you wonder about the decaf coffee.

How Do Coffee Beans Become Decaffeinated?

The coffee is not naturally free from caffeine, it is done by the manufacturers themselves.

There are various methods that have been used throughout history to remove the caffeine from the coffee beans for the sake of improving its taste.

It depends that what kind of method is being used to remove the caffeine. For decaf coffee about 97%-99.9% of the caffeine content is removed. This means the decaf coffee is not completely free from the caffeine, rather some amount is left in it.

It is important to know about this so that you are aware of the fact that decaf is not entirely free from caffeine.


The methods that are used to remove caffeine are many, some methods are traditionally followed throughout history, and people prefer that way. Some are modern due to the evolution of science and technology that people love to drink.

Essentially, there are four main methods that are used to remove the caffeine from the green-colored raw coffee beans:

Direct-Solvent Process

This method is very famous around the world. In this method, as soon as the coffee beans are brought from the farm, they are soaked into water. In this process, a chemical solvent is used. The beans are flushed directly with the chemical solvent.

One of the most used chemical solvents in this process is Methylene chloride to take out the caffeine from the raw beans.

After flushing them with the chemical, they are flushed again with water in order to remove the chemical, and finally, they are roasted so you can enjoy the drink.

Indirect-Solvent Process

This method is quite similar to the previous one, the direct-solvent process. In this method, the raw beans are soaked into the hot water. The beans are removed from the water, then the chemical, ethyl acetate, is added into the same water in which the beans were soaked to take out the caffeine.

The beans that were soaked are put back into the decaffeinated flavored water, then they go through another soaking and drying method.

At the final step, the beans are rinsed with clean water so that chemical is completely drained from them.

There are many chemicals that are used in these two processes but the most popular ones are Methylene chloride and ethyl acetate. Methylene chloride is used mostly in the direct process, on the other hand, ethyl acetate is commonly used in the indirect process.

Swiss Water Process

Swiss Water Process is a method in which no chemicals are used that removes up to 99% of the caffeine from the beans that are raw. This means that coffee beans are highly certified organic.

The process uses the basic science of equilibrium to remove the caffeine from the raw coffee beans. Then when the beans are in the process of being soaked into water, Green Coffee Extract (GCE) is used.

This method is invented based on advance technology by Swiss Water. It is a patented process that makes sure to focus on the specialty of the coffee by making small batches. This method is a highly verified process as it approved by both OCIA and Aurora Certified Organic. In fact, it is the only facility of decaffeination that is purely organic, therefore, approved Kosher by the Kosher Overseers Association.

There is also a video that explains how this process this done so thoroughly.

Carbon Dioxide Process

An advanced method that utilizes advanced technology to good use. Carbon Dioxide Process is the most recent method which is effective for the decaffeination. The green raw beans are first soaked into the water, these soaked beans are kept in a sealed, steel container, and then CO2 is blasted into these containers whose pressure is about 1,000 pounds per square inch.

After that, the CO2 goes into another container where it is depressurized so that it returns into its previous gaseous state. This is a highly expensive method as the gas is used, and then the pressures as well. This method is mostly used by commercial brands that have big factories with this equipment. You can easily find these kinds of grade coffee brands in the supermarket.

How things have changed

The real and original decaf coffee which was previously drunk was considered to be “low caffeine.” For making the coffee beans decaf, chemical methods were used. This method caused decaf to have a bad reputation in terms of taste and flavor. The people who drink it felt that it had a bad aftertaste.

But with the advancements and new experiments over the years in the field of coffee, the decaffeination has improved.

There are only a few decaf coffee beans that are sold in the market today, there are many rivals in this type as well that compete on providing the best taste to the drinker. They can even be compared with the regularly roasted ones as well.

Some of the decaf brands use chemical solvent method for providing the perfect cup of coffee. While the artisanal roaster uses the Swiss water process. Although these beans come in small batches they taste even better than the chemical ones.

The coffee brands that are mentioned in the review, and, in fact, most of the coffee brands use Arabica beans because they are famous for containing lower caffeine content.

Benefits Of Decaf Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are very beneficial for the health of the individual. Most of the scientist even consider this drink healthful for the people. Although we all know that the benefits of the coffee are more than the harm it gives to the drinker.

There many health issues if you intake the caffeine too much like trouble in sleeping, blood pressure problems, anxiety, bowel movement stomach problems, etc. Therefore, drinking a huge amount of coffee can be a concern to some people.

It is recommended that if you suffer from any of these problems, you have lessened your intake of coffee, especially pregnant women.

The decaf coffee contains less acidity as compared to the regular ones which can be a concern as it can cause heartburns or stomach pain for some people.

Taste And Brew Preferences

When you buy something, you make sure that it fulfills your taste buds perfectly. Similarly, when you go out to buy decaf coffee beans make sure that it matches your taste preference perfectly. Because buying something because some people recommend doesn’t mean you are going to like it as well. Furthermore, the coffee beans cost a lot so it is better that you buy those which you prefer and your body accepts.

The brewing of the decaf coffee beans is hard work as decaffeinated beans tend to roast darker and faster than the regular beans. They are more irregularly prone to catch the heat easily. This is why it is quite difficult to buy decaf beans which are of high quality in terms of taste.

To lessen from the burden of finding the good quality coffee beans, we have stressed on making the best review about best quality decaf coffee beans. So, following are the best decaf coffee beans that are available in the market:

Top Reason To Go Decaf Coffee Beans

  • To get better sleep.
  • Avoid a headache.
  • Be less anxious.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Lower blood pressure.

Best Decaf Coffee Beans

1. Lifeboost Decaf Coffee

Lifeboost Decaf Coffee


The Lifeboost Decaf Coffee is a verified product that ensures that the coffee beans are highly organic as they are Swiss water processed.

This high-quality product is recommended by many customers!

When we talk about taste, you will be surprised to know that the flavor gives the hint that there is no caffeine in it. The coffee tastes so good that you can even compare it with regular ones. This means there is no worry about lacking flavor at all.

The coffee gives the impression that the product is made with extra care from scratch. This means it has been given attention to every process starting from picking from the farm until it is brewed and poured into the cup.

The farm where these are grown is very organic in nature, grown in the shade, the trade is also fair. Furthermore, to protect the environment they give a share of it to the Rainforest Trust for wildlife conservation.

These beans are Nicaraguan which are wholesome and contain a few contents of caramel and chocolate with a medium amount of acidity. So when you sip it, all these ingredients pop into your mouth, it gives you a wholesome feeling.

The coffee cost very expensive in terms of the price, but the quality is worth buying since it pays extra attention to every detail in processing.

There is a special edition that is sold, so if you think this coffee is just your type, then go ahead and buy it. This product is available on Amazon at an amazing price.

  • 100% decaffeinated Columbian Arabica beans
  • Swiss water process
  • Verified organic
  • Grown in shade
  • Reliable farming
  • Fair trade
  • Give a portion to the Rainforest Trust to conserve the wildlife
  • Medium roast organic, which means it is rich in antioxidants
  • High in price
  • Not suitable for people who like high acidity in coffee
  • Single origin

2. Cafe Don Pablo, Colombian Gourmet Coffee Decaffeinated

Cafe Don Pablo, Colombian Gourmet Coffee Decaffeinated


The Cafe Don Pablo, Colombian Gourmet Coffee Decaffeinated is a high-quality coffee bean which ensures that the moment it touches your tongue, you will feel satisfied.

This product comes from a family-owned business that has a very beautiful backstory, so when you sip it, you will feel the love in it.

The bean of this product is processed in small batches that give off quality and freshness as well.

They are not fair trade, neither do they have any sharing certified program but they have a good relationship with Columbian farmers. They have a good work relationship to make sure that every part is thoroughly made with care.

The bean of this product is medium-dark roasted with a few contents of caramel, cocoa, and also a hint of citrus in it. This product is available in Amazon at an amazing price

You will love this coffee a lot!

  • 100% Decaffeinated Arabica beans
  • Swiss water process
  • Roast in small batches
  • Medium-dark roast
  • Some users consider it dark roast

3. Jo Coffee, No Fun Jo Decaf

Jo Coffee, No Fun Jo Decaf


The Jo Coffee, No Fun Jo Decaf coffee is a USDA verified product for being organic, also certified for Fair Trade. It is a richly flavored coffee that is famous for its high-quality goodness.

The best thing about this product is that it is a Columbian Arabica bean. This is a gourmet coffee, a good quality product. This product is perfect as it free from chemicals. Furthermore, it is environmentally friendly and coffee farmers also like it.

No Funs Jo has a rich flavor to it with contents of blueberry and milk chocolate. The decaffeination makes it perfect and almost indistinguishable from the regular coffee. This product is available in Amazon at an amazing price

If you prefer coffee which has low acidity then this product is perfect for you!

  • Organic Certified by USDA
  • Certified as Fair Trade
  • Swiss Water process
  • Expensive for every bag

4. Fresh Roasted Coffee, LLC – Organic Decaf Sumatra

Fresh Roasted Coffee, LLC - Organic Decaf Sumatra


The Fresh Roasted Coffee, LLC – Organic Decaf Sumatra is a good quality product that rounds off all the requirements which are needed in a coffee.

It is a decaf that is organic, environment friendly which stands out from other coffees when you take a sip. It gives you a satisfying and wholesome taste.

Fresh Roasted Coffee, LLC ensures that every bean is of high quality. They even grow the coffee naturally without using any chemicals to fasten the process. It also treats its farmers who grow these plants fairly.

This coffee is a bold medium roast bean that contains few contents of earthy, creamy, and baker’s chocolate. This product is available in Amazon at an amazing price

If you think this is the right one, then go ahead and buy it!

  • Fair Trade Certified
  • USDA verified for being organic
  • Swiss water process
  • No bad aftertaste
  • Single origin from BenerMeriah Regency of Sumatra
  • Some drinkers consider that it is dark roast

5. Volcanica Coffee, Costa Rica Decaf Tarrazu

Volcanica Coffee, Costa Rica Decaf Tarrazu


The Volcanica Coffee, Costa Rica Decaf Tarrazu is a single origin roast that contains a few contents of chocolate traces that is moderately balanced and fresh in flavoring.

But the characteristics of this coffee that make it stand out from other products is that is well-balanced that has smooth finishes with low acidity. So if you like coffee which has low acidity then this is the perfect choice for you.

To ensure that the tasting and flavoring are perfect, Volcanica takes the measures for it. It is a gourmet coffee that is made with care.

Even though it is usually recommended and we recommend it as well that you should buy a whole bean product and use your own coffee grinders to make coffee, Volcanica comes in pre-grounded option which is perfect for people who use drip coffee makers or pour-overs.

This product is available on Amazon at an amazing price.

  • Medium roast which is smooth and rich
  • No bitter aftertaste
  • Rainforest Alliance certified
  • Decaffeinated by using Swiss water process
  • Grown in the shade in cold mountain in Costa Rica
  • Some people don’t like its fruity flavor

6. Kicking Horse Coffee, Decaf Blend

Kicking Horse Coffee, Decaf Blend


The Kicking Horse Coffee, Decaf Blend is a well-known product of Canada. In fact, it is the best seller coffee bean in Canada’s market.

Kicking Horse is operated out of Canadian Rockies of British Columbia that ensures to provide a good quality coffee that is sold in the market.

The flavoring is incomparable as it contains the blend of South and Central American flavorings. The moment you sip it, there are traces of chocolates and nuts that give off a satisfying scent when brewed. It is a dark roast bean. Furthermore, the coffee bean brews perfectly in various coffee makers.

There is also a hint of roasted hazelnut and chocolate which is well balanced for the sake of providing a good flavor.

The people who drink light roast coffee might find it bitter. So, if you prefer coffee to be dark, then Kicking horse is the best option for you! This product is available in Amazon at an amazing price

  • Organic certified
  • Fair Trade certified
  • Decaffeinated by using Swiss Water process
  • Kosher approved
  • People with light roast preference might not like it
  • Only available in Canada and United States

7. KoffeeKult, Colombian Decaf Coffee

KoffeeKult, Colombian Decaf Coffee


The Koffee Kult, Colombian Decaf Coffee is a well-known company that produces well-made coffee beans. It is a gourmet coffee that enchants the drinker through its quality product.

The roasted bean comes in small batch which ensures that the process is environmentally friendly. In fact, their roasting facility in Florida ensures that the product is made without harming the environment.

The Koffee Kult comes from a single origin which is from Columbia. It is bold in the tasting but fresh as it gives off floral finishes to it. The sweet scent of the coffee opens the secret to an incredible flavor. It is medium roasted bean but it is bold as well.

This product is available in Amazon at an amazing price

If you are up for trying something bold, then this the perfect coffee for you!

  • Decaffeinated by using Swiss Water method
  • Hints tastes of dark chocolate and raisin
  • Small batch roast
  • Not certified as organic
  • Not verified as fair trade
  • Expensive

8. Eight O’Clock Whole Bean Coffee, The Original Decaf

Eight O'Clock Whole Bean Coffee, The Original Decaf


Eight O’Clock Whole Bean Coffee is an original decaf coffee that is sold at an affordable price. It is an easily available product in this review.

The company is the oldest operating coffee company among all the products which are mentioned in this review. It originally started operating in 1859, its old name was the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company. Despite it being old, it still ensures to satisfy its customers.

If you grew up in the United States, then you might recognize this name because it was a famous one.

If you want a coffee that is no-frills and can be easily brewed for everyday drinking, then this is the best option for you.

The bean is a medium roast that gives off a rich and smooth impression to the sipper.

This product is available on Amazon at an amazing price.

  • Easily available in supermarkets
  • Cheap in price
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Simple, mild tasting roast bean
  • Decaffeinated by using methylene chloride solvent-based method
  • Certified by Kosher
  • Not verified as organic
  • Not certified as fair trade
  • Chemical solvent is used

9. Stone Street Coffee Company, Mayan Water Decaf

Stone Street Coffee Company, Mayan Water Decaf


The Stone Street Coffee Company, Mayan Water Decaf is a high-quality product which is originated from Brooklyn, which is an artisanal coffee roaster.

To improve the quality of the coffee Stone Street has partnered up with an organization called Sweet Unity for the sake of providing facility to the rural farmers who suffer economically. This means it takes care of the farmers to make sure that the product is carefully made.

The native New Yorkers love and recommend Stone Street Coffee. The company sells three types of decafs, this is one of best-decaffeinated coffee beans.

This product is available on Amazon at an amazing price.

The Mayan Water is a medium roast bean that has a blend of Central American flavoring that gives you a smooth and rich impression on the first sip. It is low in acidity, perfect for those who prefer low acidity coffee.

  • Certified by Rainforest Alliance
  • Takes care of farmers by partnering with Sweet Unity
  • Decaffeinated by using Swiss Water process
  • Small batches which is micro roast
  • Not suitable for people who like high acidity coffee

10. Wild Coffee, Lonestar Decaf Coffee

Wild Coffee, Lonestar Decaf Coffee


The Wild Coffee, Lonestar Decaf Coffee is a premium coffee brand that ensures that the quality of tasting and flavoring is high.

The reason why it is a well-known product that makes it stand out from other coffee brands is that it contains a mixture of both light roast and dark roast bean that originate from South and Central America. The result of this magical blend is that it gives a fresh, low acidic tasting with no bitter aftertaste in it.

Wild Coffee is also famous for making coffee free of mold that ensures that the coffee has fresh flavoring in it.

This product is available on Amazon at an amazing price.

It is important to note that Wild Coffee refers to the product as “low caffeine” on its website but it is decaf.

  • Verified as Fair Trade
  • Certified as Organic
  • 100%Columbian Arabica beans
  • Decaffeinated by using Swiss Water method
  • High in price

11. Decaffeinated Waka Instant Coffee

Decaffeinated Waka Instant Coffee


The Decaffeinated Waka best Instant coffee is an everyday use of coffee. Even though the instant coffee brand is not that much preferred, but for this review, we believe that it is important to mention this decaf instant coffee brand that you might like to try.

It is similar to the Wakacaffeinated product that they sell, this decaf instant coffee is made from 100% Columbian Arabica bean which ensures that the coffee is of high quality.

The bean is dried out by freezing it so that the real flavoring and scent remains in the bean for a long time.

The Waka Company is a Los Angeles based company that sells a good quality coffee and tea product. This version of coffee is perfect as well. This product is available on Amazon at an amazing price.

The bean is medium roasted which is a well-balanced and smooth texture that has hints of citrus in it.

You can easily make it by pouring it in cold water or hot water, it dissolves in both. This is best for everyday drinking when you are in a hurry. You can also add it in shakes to improve flavor.

  • Decaffeinated by using the natural origin EA (ethyl acetate) method
  • Single origin instant coffee
  • 100% Columbian Arabica beans
  • 4% of Waka Coffee’s profits go to support clean water initiatives through their “Add Water, Give Water” program
  • Instant coffee might not give you a detailed taste

Winner Of The Roundup

All of the coffee brands which are mentioned above in the review are carefully selected keeping an eye on all kinds of details.

To select the winner among all these product brands is quite difficult for us because every product’s preference depends on the individual’s preference. All of the coffee brands mentioned are of high quality.

If we are given permission to choose from all these coffee brands, then it is certainly LifeBoost Decaf Coffee in terms of flavoring. For the bold tasting, we prefer Kicking Horse as an alternative.

The reason why we choose LifeBoost Coffee is because of its renowned reputation among coffee lovers. It produces beans ensuring high quality with a safe way of processing.

The reason why we choose Kicking horse is because of its wholesome flavor that is fair trade certified, Swiss water processed and comes in a small batch. Furthermore, it is sold at an affordable price. The bold quality is a characteristic which makes it stand out from other coffee brands. But that does not mean we wouldn’t recommend KoffeeKult or Volcanica roast because it also fulfills these requirements as well.