The Beginner’s & Buying Guide to Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee 2024

There are some of the products in the market that we wish to pay more for, it is because of their perceived value that people associate with it and they are willing to pay more in order to get the better ones from the conventional ones.

If we talk about Yirgacheffe coffee from Ethiopia and Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica, then these two are the end result of the finest coffee beans from the coffee world.

However, due to the quality of the coffee and the reputation they carry in the market, especially talking about Jamaican Blue coffee, there is someone who is giving them hard time and things are roaming at the dark side of the internet. E.g. Whole Kobe beef thing.

Best Pick
Island Blue Jamaica Blue Mountain Ground Coffee - 8oz Bag | Premium Gourmet Blend | Smooth, Rich Flavor | Sustainably...*
Good Choice
Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee - 1 Pound - Light Roast*
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Plantation Blue 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Medium Roasted and GROUND (16oz)*
Island Blue Jamaica Blue Mountain Ground Coffee - 8oz Bag | Premium Gourmet Blend | Smooth, Rich Flavor | Sustainably...*
Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee - 1 Pound - Light Roast*
Plantation Blue 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Medium Roasted and GROUND (16oz)*
Best Pick
Island Blue Jamaica Blue Mountain Ground Coffee - 8oz Bag | Premium Gourmet Blend | Smooth, Rich Flavor | Sustainably...*
Island Blue Jamaica Blue Mountain Ground Coffee - 8oz Bag | Premium Gourmet Blend | Smooth, Rich Flavor | Sustainably...*
Good Choice
Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee - 1 Pound - Light Roast*
Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee - 1 Pound - Light Roast*
Don't Miss
Plantation Blue 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Medium Roasted and GROUND (16oz)*
Plantation Blue 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Medium Roasted and GROUND (16oz)*

People who have tasted the real Jamaican Blue coffee surely can express why this smooth, nutty with delicious floral flavor coffee is so much in demand. In this article, we have tried to bring together the information guide of Blue Mountain coffee, in order to tell you how you can get the real Blue Mountain coffee.

At the same time, we will also guide you on how you can avoid buying fake ones and we will provide tips on how to best brew these coffee beans so you can enjoy the maximum of its flavor. 

What is Blue Mountain Coffee?

The Beginner’s Guide to Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

In order to give an answer to this, let’s start with a question. Who would and why pay for 16 oz of beans, 60 bucks? To get the answer to this our information should be complete and from an authentic source. So, let’s take an example of a brand loyal customer and I tend to agree with him. And that is also the case about how I am going to help & convince you of this.

Blue Mountain coffee is not just the premium one from its taste, the method adapted to grow the beans would give you a surprise. The Blue Mountain coffee is grown in Jamaica in the Blue Mountains, it is not just that it goes way beyond this information.

One condition for meeting the criteria of the Blue Mountain Coffee is that they must be harvested from the designated parishes like; Portland, Andrew, St Thomas, and St Mary. Going further from this, another condition is that the beans must grow above the altitudes of 3000 feet & below 5,500 feet for meeting the criteria to qualify as Blue Mountain Coffee.

Some people must be aware of the fact that how much altitudes are important in growing coffee beans. The reason is much related to a harsher environment than being close to heaven. As plants are less capable of growing on altitudes and so does the pests have less likelihood of catching the disease.

Also, when these beans of coffee are grown in a restricted environment and given pressure to coincide with nature, then they grow harder and denser with limited amounts of water. However, more time is given to these beans of coffee to develop flavors due to the formation of complex sugars.

Other coffee beans are grown on higher altitudes than Mountain Blue, what are the other differences?

What makes the coffee beans different with distinct and unique tastes is the conditions that come along with the harsh environments and high altitudes. These Blue Mountains are covered in cool mist & touching the clouds.

Along with that, the volcanic soil nurtures the beans well to provide a distinctive tasteful experience. And for these coffee beans to develop the flavor, it requires double the time as compared to the normal beans i.e. 10 months.

The Jamaicans know what they have and how to capitalize using this gem they have to the outside world. The labor they pick goes through strict scrutiny. The picking of good beans and leaving the bad beans is a process that most of companies follow through automation.

At Blue Mountain Coffee, the process is totally manual-based and they are handpicked. Because they feel it is a premium product and automation is not the way of treating a premium product. So the labor-intensive work is picking the right beans and separating them on the basis of the standards made.

The first criteria are to select the beans that are neither too big nor small, and they select the coffee beans of the same size. The next one is to check for the defects in the coffee beans, these defects include the coffee borer beetle. So the ones that are perfectly whole beans get approval to join the standard pile of the coffee beans. 

It is not done yet! After the beans get roasted, the coffee industry board of the Jamaican board must approve them. There is a board in Jamaica, JICB which is Jamaica Industry Coffee Board. In this board, they are panel experts responsible for cupping this aromatic, beautiful, and caffeinated drink or beverage.

This Jamaican Industry Board inspects the green and roasted beans, using set rules & regulations and then blind tasting the coffee beans, this procedure of board just shows how transparent they are in the selection process of the Blue Mountain Coffee beans.

The procedure goes a little further than this, they fill a form related to the coffee beans and make a decision about, whether the beans are worthy of the Blue Mountain seal or not, and to your surprise, I am talking about the real-looking seal. Blue Mountain is an international brand that carries international standards, the seal is part of their SOP.

If you don’t find the seal in your Blue Mountain Coffee beans, then you are not looking at the real brand of Blue Mountain, so just omit that!

You need to be aware of the “buying blends”, they may feel like the most affordable way of tasting this magical Blue Mountain Coffee. But the blends may contain 10 % or less and there are no regulations controlling that. So you should get a full bag of it and below is the detail where you can get it from.

Where Do I Buy Blue Mountain Coffee Beans?

Blue Mountain Coffee Beans


Below are the few places where you can get it from:

  • Blue Mountain Coffee
  • Plantation Blue
  • Jah B Coffee.
  • Greenwich Blue Coffee.

This is for the information of the viewers that in order to pull out this data from the coffee industry board of Jamaica, took a great deal of time and effort also in the vetting of this information from trusted sources. So you are always welcome!

If you are inquisitive to know about the sellers, then you can visit the websites provided here. You will also find a list of certified sellers as well as the list of importers on these websites also. This is also worth mentioning that JCIB has been replaced by The Jamaican Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority, just like the other renowned names replaced, people never call them by their new name and they also relate them taking their old name. 

Below are the trustworthy, vetted options you can have a look at and get them to your place in a couple of days.

1. Island Blue – 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain

Island Blue - 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain


This Island Blue of Jamaican Blue Mountain is 100 % original and pure. It is available in 8 oz. & 16 oz bags. The medium roast bean bag is a vacuum-sealed bag, along with a piece of additional jute covering. Island Blue is a certified bean bag of coffee having the right label on it at the front so that everybody can see it.

Which is also the exact thing that people look for in buying the Jamaican bean.

2. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, Certified 100% Pure, Roasted Bean

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, Certified 100% Pure, Roasted Bean


Another bean bag also comes with a clearly displayed label that you can feel confident to buy, and they offer a light to medium roast.

Dark, Medium, Light, and Peaberry?

In addition to what is mentioned above, there are certain versions you are already aware of. Medium, Dark, Light, and French Roast along with the Peaberry. There are certain companies that label their roast coffee roast differently.

So there is definitely a probability that you can see a few different ones circulating in the market, depending upon the distributors as well. The best suggestion to give here is that; go for the type of roast you like the most.

Some people like the strong aroma of the coffee beans in their drink, so they go for the dark roast. Whereas some prefer light or medium notes in the coffee, they don’t like the bitter taste of their coffee beans, so go for the light and medium roast to enjoy your type of coffee drink.

While some like the froth and the smoothness in their coffee drink, it is advisable for them to go for the Peaberry version of Jamaican Mountain Blue.

Brewing with Blue Mountain Coffee

In this section you will get to know how to brew your Blue Mountain Coffee perfectly, this is the fun part in the process of preparing your coffee and you will enjoy it. If you have ordered a pre-ground bean bag you need to resubmit your order with the whole bean bag.

The next thing is when your beans arrive you need to put them in a cool dry place, where sunlight cannot reach, till you get the privilege of enjoying your first mug of coffee. Then you need to make sure you have the following with you:

  • Vacuum-seal container
  • Conical burr grinder
  • French Press
  • Timer
  • Kitchen scale

The most appropriate way of taking full advantage of enjoying the complex flavors these Mountain Blue beans carry is to immerse them or drip them.

The process we will go through now is the French Press Method which most of you are already aware of, and if you are not then you go and visit multiple websites on this for gaining complete knowledge of this method. Also, you can check our search over the internet on “Ultimate guide on Pour-over coffee”, for getting the best and the most specific information related to this method.

Step by Step Instructions

Since you have selected your method now, take it step by step now. Please take it seriously as you are dealing with one of the most expensive coffee beans, so a slight mistake can ruin your money as well as the taste.

So be precise and be vigilant. The measurement criteria we are opting for here is, on the basis of 17 ounces of coffee yield, so keeping this as a base measurement you need to divide or multiply if you have a different proportion of the Blue Mountain Coffee. 

  • You don’t need to grind your beans and store them for future use, do right away when you want to drink it. Put it in the burr grinder and kitchen scale. Adjust your coffee grinder to a coarse setting. The grind should have consistency same as the kosher salt.
  • The second step is adding up your grounds on a kitchen scale. The best targeting we are concentrating on is 1.1 oz, which is also equal to two tablespoons and a pinch if you have no measuring method or standard. The moment you ground the beans you need to store the rest inside that vacuum seal container.
  • In order to be more precise and mad about the taste we should get out of these Blue Mountain Coffee, is the addition of filtered water rather than the normal tap one. Although there is no harm in adding tap water or it would create any major impact on the taste but to love the coffee taste as an obsession then yes filter water and to be very specific about the brand of water in order to get the desired taste of the coffee beans, is the “Java”.
  • You need to brew the water, & for brewing it you need the temperature of the water on set degrees. So I will not say to boil your water a minute or two and brew it, because this will create confusion as boiling it for a minute or two can give different results to different people. To be specific and more precise in brewing, take out that thermometer you use in baking up your turkey once a year. Wash it properly and let your water get a temperature between 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • While your water is being heated go grab the grounds you already have and put them in the French Press.
  • Set the timer up for 4 minutes but don’t you have to start it yet.
  • If your water is ready then put it into the French Press and seal the French Press along with starting the timer at the same time.
  • You can write an email to your client or reply back messages to your friends till your timer gets off.
  • As soon as your buzzer goes off, grab it quickly, separate out all the beans and enjoy yourself with an energy boost of a cup of coffee.


Well, that is all for your information gathering and having a complete guide on Blue Mountain Coffee beans. The information gathered in this article is solely to educate you on the real Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee beans, nothing to impose on you, and nothing to let your opinion change if you are a satisfied user of other brands of the coffee.

We know and we believe, the true users of Blue Mountain Coffee Beans are always in search of the real and corrected information regarding its usage, how it is harvested and everything about it.

Because they are Brand Loyal to Blue Mountain Coffee and for such users we never want them to get deceived with the fake ones out in the market, and if they are first time users of Blue Mountain Coffee then, we want to make them feel that they are in the safe hands and we know how to take care of our customers.

 Since Blue Mountain Coffee is very rare and expensive as compared to other brands in the market, but at the same time, the distributors make sure that the distribution of it does not get limited which results in the churning of the clients.

However sometimes as the yield gets at least 10 months of time to grow to the standards of JCIB, it reaches a little late to the users but does not get scarce. In the meantime, there are fake brands who take advantage of this and sell using the name of Blue Mountain Coffee Beans, that is the reason why we have an emphasis on the real versions of the Blue Mountain Coffee beans, and how to identify the real and the right Blue Mountain Coffee Beans from the market.

The name of Blue Mountain itself, is a name of trust and people want to go blindly buying this name as being coffee lovers. So don’t see the name of this Jamaican bean coffee also check other details as well mentioned in this article.

The Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is a brand, it is not just a name it is the legacy that Jamaican people grow with. There are authentic websites to visit for getting the correct information as indicated in this article. The websites also carry the info of the resellers and importers, very important for the people who are looking to import this in their country or looking to get the real one from a credible source.

There are many other websites also that give information related to the buying of this brand. It is advisable to restrict the websites as mentioned in this article to be on the safe and right side. As it matters a lot whether the information on the websites is right and gives an authentic view of the product.

Hope this information reaches out to the Blue Mountain Coffee customers, and they get the right and real product to enjoy the tastiest aromatic cup of coffee.

I also hope, I have succeeded in gathering the most appropriate and relevant information for the customers of this brand, may they get benefit out of this article and they spread this effort-taking research further to all the rest of the customers they know.

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