For many coffee and specially caffeine is the best part of their morning and many workaholic people depend upon it as they feel it like their fuel. After realizing this thing, coffee bean companies started experimenting and tried to provide the products which enrich caffeine in them.

There has been hype for many products having strongest coffee beans and providing most caffeine, which are available on Amazon and here we focus on some of the providers and will try to highlight the features they have.

We honestly recommend avoiding these types of products unless you are 100% sure that your body is capable enough to tolerate this extreme amount of caffeine and they need to be mentally ready before buying and using these products.


In this long and short note, we tried to mention some of the top products which are reported to be on top in category of high caffeine in their coffee on Amazon. We focused on the main features they have like the amount of caffeine, what the company claim about their product, the type of blend they have for example Robusta or Arabica and their specialties.

In the end of every product’s description, there is a part of pros and cons of the mentioned brand. Pros and cons are collected from various sources are pros mentions the features which the brand is enriched with and the things which make them outstanding with other competitors.

Cons is the part of the description which mentions the things which the brand lacks and they have been collected from various sources like questionnaires, surveys, interviews and mainly feedback from users.

Because we believe in providing authentic information and we know that our audience believe more on realistic things so we tried to focus more on word of mouth of the users of these brands. So, let’s have a look on these brands:

Caffeine 101

Research shows that there is actual different amount of caffeine in every coffee type, and that’s the reason different people have different coffee choices. The average 9 oz coffee cup contains around 95 to 200 mg of caffeine, while the average shot of espresso has around 47 to 75 mg of caffeine in the coffee.

There are other factors on which the amount of caffeine is affected in coffee beans which are amount of ground coffee brewed, brewing style and technique used and the type of grind.

There is a type named as Arabica which is known for its smoothness and complex tasting but the fact is there is a grade of Arabica which is called Robusta which is actually enriched with more caffeine in their coffee.

The amount of caffeine in the cup of coffee also depends upon the roasting style. It has been said that the top methods are percolated and Turkish roasting styles, which offer around 200 mg of caffeine in standard 8 oz cup of coffee. But both of the styles provide bitter coffee that’s also a sort of disadvantage for those who don’t like more Dark Coffee.

Caffeine 101

The most conventional methods being used in kitchens today are dripping or filter coffee which provides around 145 mg of caffeine in standard 8 oz cup of coffee. But the major factor is the grind of the coffee, the finer the grind will be, there will be more surface area to soak up so there will be more caffeine in that.

So, this short and long writing focuses on different products and it is for those who want to choose just the right amount of caffeine in their cup of coffee.

Best High Caffeine Coffee Brands

As discussed before, there are many companies providing various products available on Amazon ranging from high grind of caffeine to medium dark and dark coffee. Here are some products which are famous for high caffeine on Amazon and we will highlight some features of them.

1. Death wish coffee

Death wish coffee


Death wish coffee is known well on Amazon for having the highest amount of caffeine and being the dark coffee. The brand got popular by its 30 seconds commercial during the 2015 Super Bowl and even after that the company is becoming famous among the audience for providing high amount of caffeine as double as any other coffee products provider.

Death wish coffee is famous for providing high grind of coffee beans also on Amazon Death wish coffee is knows for providing the strongest coffee.

It is developed as a combination of Arabica and Robusta Fair Trade Beans that are USDA certified, promises a smoother and never bitter dark coffee taste. Death wish coffee providers are so confident about their product that they provide 100% money-back guarantee if you find any other stronger coffee than Death Wish Coffee.

  • Smoother taste, never bitter
  • Double amount of caffeine as any other regular coffee
  • High grind coffee beans
  • So confident about their product that offer 100% money back guarantee
  • Users reported it to be too expensive as per taste
  • Put in sleep faster

2. Banned coffee

Banned coffee


Banned coffee product has name among the strongest coffee providers on the Amazon by providing really strong and fine grind of coffee beans. It is named among the famous hyper-caffeinated coffee for being good for sensitive stomachs as it features low acid coffee and high caffeine.

It has been reported that Banned Coffee brand is using a blend of beans in hope of improving the flavor profile to be ‘’world most strong coffee’’.

Banned coffee is famous for claiming three times stronger and more caffeine as any other average energy drink. Banned coffee is located in Los Angeles, CA and it imports their strong beans from various places which includes Hawaii, Kenya, Costa Rica, Honduras, Brazil, Tanzania, Peru, Sumatra, Yemen, Jamaica, Colombia, Ethiopia and many more others.

  • Hyper-caffeinated coffee
  • Coffee beans have been imported from various different places for better taste
  • Really good for sensitive stomachs
  • Milder taste than it should be
  • User reported it to be not so strong

3. Megaton coffee

Megaton coffee


Megaton coffee has a strong name on the Amazon as it was designed with athletes in mind as it was made to compete strongest things like pre-workouts and energy drinks, and this factor make it outstanding in rest of the lineup. Megaton coffee is also being claimed as high caffeinated as it is 100% made from a mixture of Arabica and Robusta.

It is a mixture of Arabica and Robusta and promises twice stronger caffeine as any other standard cup of average energy drink. It comprises of beans which are hailing from Asia Pacific and South America and being roasted in Fort Wayne, IN, in small batches with no extra additives.

  • Made to compete pre-workouts and energy drinks
  • High caffeinated
  • Mixture of Arabica and Robusta
  • No extra additives
  • Less bolder taste than other Robusta contained coffee brands
  • Not expected taste

4. Shock coffee

Shock coffee


Shock coffee used to make organic coffee beverages but they discontinued and now Sock Coffee is famous for its really strong grain of beans of medium-dark coffee which guarantees 50% more caffeine than any other average cup of energy drink without sacrificing flavor.

They also use a blend of Arabica and Robusta like many other top products in the category. Sock coffee is famous for being strong medium-dark coffee and they have roasting facility in Mississippi.

  • Medium dark coffee
  • Blend of Arabica and Robusta
  • 50% more caffeine than average cup of energy drink
  • No strong aroma
  • Feel like tasteless
  • More expensive for its taste (reported by users)

5. Wake the hell up coffee

Wake the hell up coffee


Wake the hell up coffee in highly caffeinated, created by the Utica Coffee roasting Co. in Utica, New York and it  has the right name wake the hell up because it have a strong game in waking the hell up.

Wake the hell up coffee has the history of opening the coffee shop in 2002 in a depressed area of Utica, New York and along the way they developed wake the hell up coffee to provide the ultra caffeinated product. It is made by the combination of strong beans from Central and South America and it is a strong medium-dark roast, which is a mixture of Robusta or partial Robusta.

Since there is no indication on the package of wake the hell up so, it can be said that they are 100% Robusta not Arabica.

  • Medium dark coffee
  • Pure Robusta no Arabica
  • Ultra caffeinated brand
  • Users are unsatisfied with the quantity and size of the bag
  • Expensive as per quantity
  • Reported to be tasteless

6. Alpha coffee – warrior select

Alpha Coffee - Warrior Select


It is a strong name of a brand which is co owned by a veteran and army wife who have history of developing Alpha coffee back in 2011 and grown to include a brick and mortar coffee shop right in Utah.

This coffee company supports a variety of charities especially for veterans and a portion of every brew are purely dedicated to troops downrange. This is 100% Arabica having a good amount of strong caffeine which comes with a combination of coffee beans from Brazil, Central America and Papua New Guinea.

  • 100% Arabica blend
  • Strong combination of beans from Brazil, Central America and Papua New Guinea
  • Strong amount of caffeine in coffee
  • Smooth taste
  • Not be the best coffee

7. Devil Mountain Coffee Co. – Black Label Coffee

Devil Mountain Coffee Co. - Black Label Coffee


This Amazon brand is strongly developed for those people who have love for coffee as they serve a high altitude of Fair Trade Organic coffee beans after two years of research in Central and South America. People need to be really cautious before trying Black Label coffee for the first time as it do not have high tolerant to caffeine and also those people who have low sensitivity to coffee molecule.

The coffee company claims ‘’the most powerful coffee in the world without compromising the flavor of the coffee’’. Other than that they do not have any other information on the bag. They also guarantee in productivity for a number of blends and Black Label Coffee is a dark roast that’s designed to be smooth and never bitter.

  • Dark roasted coffee
  • Strong flavor
  • High caffeinated
  • Very faint aroma
  • Users have been not impressed as brand claims

8. Biohazard Coffee

Biohazard Coffee


This coffee brand is suggested only for those people who want to get a heart attack with their cup of coffee and the reason we said that because it provides 928 mg of caffeine in average 12 oz cup, it was tested in May 2017 by certified laboratories in New York. It is so strong that if you drink 4 cups of regular coffee then you should be drinking 1 cup of Biohazard Coffee, it can wake the dead up.

According to a research report, Biohazard Coffee is said to be third most strong coffee.

This brand is really strong that it provides 77.33 mg of caffeine in every ounce which is same as every shot of espresso. The beans are Robusta and really demonstrate the difference between Arabica and Robusta when it comes to caffeination.

  • Highly caffeinated
  • 928 mg of caffeine in 12 oz serving
  • Reported to be so strong that 1 cup of Biohazard Coffee is same as 4 cups of regular coffee
  • Not 100% Robusta

9. Strong AF Coffee – Rude Awakening Blend

Strong AF Coffee - Rude Awakening Blend


Strong AF Coffee fits right to its brand name on Amazon as it provides double or triple of the amount of caffeine to any other regular energy drink which is said to be nature’s cure for weaknesses. The users said that its cup of coffee feels like it hit you with a thousand of bricks with having really strong aroma.

This coffee brand uses most caffeinated strains of beans which is Robusta. This is 100% Robusta and it is hailed from Vietnam, where the dark beans are hand selected in small batches.

  • 100% Robusta
  • Most caffeinated strains of beans
  • Poor packaging
  • Mild aroma
  • It is not whole bean coffee rather mixture with ground coffee

10. Killer Coffee Beans 16 OZ – Really Strong Coffee

Killer Coffee Beans 16 OZ – Really Strong Coffee


Killer Coffee Beans brand is one of those, who keep the recipe secret. The only information they provide about their product that, the coffee beans are handpicked from South America and Africa and the coffee beans are Arabica.

Killer Coffee Beans provide really dark roasted coffee and provides 53.2 mg of caffeine in every ounce which makes 425.6 mg of caffeine in every regular 8 oz cup of coffee which fits its name. It also offers bitter free cup of coffee which his pretty awesome as a morning cup of coffee.

  • Arabica coffee beans
  • Really dark roasted coffee
  • 53.2 mg of caffeine in every ounce
  • Smooth taste
  • Not whole bean coffee


There are many brands being sold by different providers on Amazon who claim that they are providing most strong coffee i.e. their product have most caffeine in their coffee but it’s really hard to judge which company is really providing strongest coffee in time.

Different companies are providing different products as their products are manufactured from different processes. For example some coffee products are enriched Arabica beans while come are enriched with Robusta beans.

Also, different companies use raw materials hailed from different places like different type of farms and from different countries. There are different processes which are being used to refine the coffee beans and from that different grind of coffee are produced which contains different amount of caffeine in that.

That coffee could be labeled as Wake the Hell Up or Black Label Coffee with having a high amount of caffeine in the cup of coffee but it really depends upon the taste of the user. The one can choose the best one for him by experiencing different products.

In this list we tried to put light on some of the famous coffee products as having most caffeine in their servings and he highlighted some of the features they have in them. You can have a deep look on the details of the mentioned products and have a better idea that what you are looking into, before buying the product.