Kona Coffee Beans by Imagine – 2024 Buying Guide

If you are looking for 100% whole Kona coffee bean with medium-dark roast then you should look no further than Kona Coffee Beans by Imagine. This flavorful and smooth beverage cannot be resisted by any coffee aficionado.

Imagine Kona Coffee

Imagine Kona Coffee


Imagine Kona coffee beans are labeled to be Extra Fancy as they are among the top 10% of the best beans produced in Kona. You can be assured that you are investing in a premium product by opting for Kona Coffee Beans by Imagine. You need to have a grinder to brew this exceptional coffee.

Imagine beans are graded Extra Fancy for their size, moisture weight, and lack of defects. Only about 10% of all Kona coffee beans produced are graded extra fancy. Imagine 100% Kona mountain coffee is grown on one estate under the shade of Macadamia nut trees, which produces a wonderfully unique flavor that can’t be found elsewhere.

This will specifically appeal to those who love a fruity brew. The best thing about these coffee beans is that these are low in acid which implies that these are not hard on your sensitive stomach.

Kona Coffee Beans by Imagine has been air roasted which is often employed in artisan roasting. This process prevents burning and charring. The brewing methods suggested by the company are cold brew, French press, and the drip. The recommendations help you indulge in an amazing tasting drink.


  • Product weight: 1 pound.
  • Shipping weight: 1.3 pounds.
  • Item model number: SYNCHKG105256.
  • Exceptional flavor.
  • Extra fancy.
  • Air roasted.
  • Single estate grown.
  • 100% Kona Hawaii
  • Air roasted.
  • Best flavor.
  • Highest quality beans in offing.
  • Not blended with low-grade beans.
  • The taste may not seem strong for some.
  • Need grinder for using these coffee beans.