In order to include the best coffee beans in our list, we need to perceive best much deeper than its literal meaning. As we are going to include the best coffee beans, we really need to assure that what will be the criteria of being the best coffee beans. Let us now look at some of the important factors before discussing the list in detail:

Know Thy Beans

The history of coffee beans dates back to the 11th century when Ethiopian people came across cherry-like red fruit, contains a distinct smell sort of jasmine from the wild. In those times they boiled them & drank because what to expect from a wild fruit growing on the outskirts of the region. It was like a miracle to them, till it became popular in other countries too and they wanted them.

How the cultivation spreadThe relation of coffee with Arts & LiteratureGeographical ImportanceSome misconceptions

Coffee cultivation spread across the Arabian region and the people used to boil the same way as Ethiopians for the next 300 years. However, in 1555 in Istanbul, they started light roast coffee beans the same way we do it today.  After roasting them they ground them finely, cooked with water over a charcoal fire. It was also Istanbul where the first coffeehouse called Kiva Han came into existence; soon other countries followed it the same way they used to do. Talking about coffee and not mentioning Italy will be taken as injustice; however to surprise all the readers, coffee came to Italy, not before 1615, and the first coffeehouse was built there in 1645.

Since artists used to travel to different parts of the world then, they saw this culture in Italy where arts and literature can’t go without having a bowl of coffee. They brought this to their countries too from where people got interested in it and made coffee houses in their own countries, regions, neighborhoods, and lanes. The berry-like fruit traveled from Marseilles to  Paris, Vienna, and London. Holland, Germany, and America followed.

Talking about the history of coffee and leaving Germany is not a wise take, in Germany, the coffee was only meant for the elites and it remained like for at least 30 years till it became available for the layman as well.

Now the question is what kind of coffee you like? Obviously, the one where you grew up and tasted it for the first time you will fall for it. It all depends on how you started drinking it you will like it the same way as you have felt and perceived it. If you have been drinking from Starbucks or Dunkin, and want to broaden your scope then the best advice will be to start the Central American and Columbian Beans, as being the closest to your preference.

If you know where the bean was harvested from then it will become easy for you to become it’s favorite. For e.g., Brazilian beans come with more chocolate flavors, whereas Hawaiian beans are more flowery. Ethiopian coffee beans contain more syrup and flavor of strawberry and blueberry. In a nutshell, the soil contributes a lot in the taste of the beans so it is necessary to know where the beans are collected from!

Often companies claim that the coffee is low or high in caffeine content. The coffee has nothing to do with caffeine level, they are just marketing gimmicks to make you believe in your created perceptions. However, the coffee contains low and high acidity levels; the lighter the bean the higher the acidity. The only notable and distinguishing feature of coffee is its color. Dark roast coffees, on the contrary, have strong flavors and richer tastes.

How to Pick the Best Coffee Beans

It won’t take long before we start looking at the list of the best coffee beans, but before we start we must know what is the only reason to keep your coffee fresh, full of aroma and everlasting taste depends upon in what form you buy your coffee bag.

If you buy the coffee in ground form, it will retain its freshness for some days, later you will observe that your first cup of coffee from the bag you opened ten days before had much freshness and aroma than the one you just had it.

The reason is quite simple; when you are buying it, buy the whole beans and grind them in small batches according to your consumption. Once you finish your first ground batch then grind the next batch. You will feel the difference in freshness and aroma along with its taste. The whole beans retain freshness and aroma much better than the ground ones. 

 Let us now walk through a list of 10 of the best coffee beans you can get from Amazon.

1. Valhalla Java Whole Bean Coffee by Death Wish Coffee Company

Valhalla Java Whole Bean Coffee by Death Wish Coffee Company


Although the name of the company “Death Wish Coffee Company”, gives you a view of something really tough demeanor, to some extent you are right! It was started in 2012 by a group of trendy hipsters.

The company claims you to enjoy a roasted bowl of coffee or get your money back if you did not like the roasted beans coffee bowl. It’s one the best roasted whole bean coffee you have ever tasted. The product is available on Amazon; it is advisable to view Amazon on a regular basis for promotional offers.

The company often gets more popular in view when there is a story to relate to. It was formed for the legendary guitar guru, “Zakk Wylde”, recommended for the people who are facing a transition in their life to drink this whole bean roasted bowl of coffee.

It’s picked from Indonesia, Central & South America. It’s enriched aroma with a combination of nuts & chocolate flavor is a guarantee that you cannot resist having it, & you always wished for!

  • A blend of Robusta whole coffee with great taste.
  • Low Acid
  • Java whole by Death Wish is very smooth & rich in the body.
  • If you are looking for the high caffeine content, it is the right one for you.
  • Java whole by Death Wish is a reliable brand to trust.
  • Great for starting your morning with Java whole.
  • You can view this product on Amazon for price & reviews, people often get good deals on Amazon.
  • It is an expensive Death Wish’s whole one brand.
  • If you don’t like the caffeine content, these whole ones are bad for you.
  • These whole ones are not recommended after dinner as it will delay your sleep pattern due to high caffeine content.
  • Those who do not like their coffee to be strong will not recommend these whole ones.

2. Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Medium Espresso Roast

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Medium Espresso Roast


The company “Lavazza” holds date back success from 1985, they are really one of the best when it comes to both medium espresso roast or crema whole bean coffee. You can check the price and reviews of the Lavazza Super Crema medium roast on Amazon. It is good if you visit Amazon on a regular basis for promotional offers.

Luigi  Lavazzo is the man who founded it by the name of Lavazza back then in the 1080s. Lavazza medium roasts an Italian brand and well known in Italy because of the Super Crema coffee blend.   

This Super Crema whole coffee is viewed to possess a smooth medium espresso roast blend sourced from a number of locations that include; Brazil, Columbia, Vietnam & Indonesia.

The blend results in honey & dried fruit taste that is viewed & recommended for different methods of brewing coffee beans. Its specialty is for the use in espresso, so get ready to taste the smoothness of this coffee which you always have wished for.

  • Lavazza medium espresso, Super Crema, the whole roast is very versatile to use.
  • This medium espresso whole roast is a wonderful blend of whole coffee beans.
  • This whole Super Crema Espresso roast makes a smooth body and contains a good aroma.
  • You can view this whole medium espresso roast on Amazon for price and reviews.
  • People often get good deals on Amazon.
  • Sometimes rocks are found from the whole medium espresso coffee roast packet.

3. Real Good Coffee Co. Donut Shop Medium Roast

Real Good Coffee Co. Donut Shop Medium Roast


The company that has a history of 30 years processing a product that goes with so many processes you have ever wondered of. It results in a really good coffee blend that you must try for getting a rich coffee medium roast taste that you have always craved about.

Why it is a must-try option is because they view their methods consistently to advance it and improve their coffee taste on a regular yet periodical basis. That’s how this product is viewed after you read about the Real Good Coffee Co.’s Donut Shop Medium Roast Coffee Beans.

Donut shop medium roast is available on Amazon if you want to check the price and view comments. It is also advisable to view Amazon on a regular basis for promotional offers and updates. 

  • Donut shop medium roast has a good flavor & pleasant taste.
  • Balanced acidity or caffeine content is found in this medium roast.
  • The rich body can be felt in this medium roast
  • You can view on Amazon for price and reviews.
  • People often get good deals on Amazon.
  • Some people find the medium roast too light.
  • People who like caffeine content high don’t recommend this medium roast.

4. Death Wish Organic USDA Certified Whole Bean Coffee

Death Wish Organic USDA Certified Whole Bean Coffee


Death Wish Organic whole bean coffee’s company views its product as something you deserve to have before your death, that what they have tried to project in their 2016 super bowl ad. It is something to be of extreme language but that is the proposition they have placed their product on.

This view of the company branding is to give the audience the message that if you die before having it then your death is not a glorious one. Death wish can be shopped at Amazon, you can also view for any offers and reviews about this product on Amazon. It is advisable if you view Amazon on a regular basis for promotional offers.

Death Wish organic whole bean coffee is USDA certified, as a company, it is their pride and joy to provide you with the strongest cup of whole coffee you ever wished for. The flavor of cherry & chocolate is complemented into this whole dark roasted coffee in a way that it will never let you feel taste bitter, that is the best part and worth trying it.

The company offers you 100 percent guaranteed warranty, so why not give it a try and keep it in your morning routine to provide you a fresh start. 

  • These whole organic ones provide you with long-lasting caffeine content.
  • Its source is sustainable and it is a certified product to use.
  • This Death wish product has a strong rich flavor and not very bitter, keeping the dark whole beans coffee in mind.
  • You can view this death wish whole organic product on Amazon.
  • People often get good deals on Amazon.
  • This whole death wish product has high caffeine content & is not recommended for people who suffer from lack of sleep or insomnia,

5. Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans


If you are a fan of dark roasted coffee beans, then you must give Koffee Kult’s dark roast a fair chance. It is a very popular and environment-friendly brand, meaning they work closely with the farmers from where the dark roast beans are harvested.

In particular, they are being harvested in Columbia, Guatemala, and Sumatra. They let you view their manufacturing vicinity if you truly love their product, being their best part and good gesture. Also, you can view Amazon for the latest updates on price offers and reviews. It is recommendable to view Amazon on a regular basis for promotional offers,

The taste of this dark roast coffee beans is complemented with cinnamon and on the acidic side, it contains low acidity.

  • These dark roast coffee beans contain little bitterness.
  • It goes with any method or machine to brew the blend
  • You can view Amazon for price and reviews.
  • People often get good deals on Amazon.
  • It is not 100 percent organic but sourced organically.
  • Some say that the organic source claim is a false statement.

6. Kicking Horse Coffee, Smart Ass, Medium Roast

Kicking Horse Coffee, Smart Ass, Medium Roast


A kicking horse coffee, smart ass medium roast compels you to draw its image in your mind, like something in a distinct & cowboyish style. It’s much like what you picture in your mind and contains a memorable flavor.

The company name as Kicking Horse Coffee and the product Smartass, medium roast does carry a rugged attitude and tells you to start your morning in an attitude similar to like a kicking horse having a smart ass.

So be it, carry an attitude like a kicking horse, a smart ass that runs and goes beyond the limits. This medium-dark roast can be viewed on Amazon for price and reviews. It is good if you view Amazon on a regular basis for promotional offers and updates.

This medium roast coffee is the number 1 selling whole bean coffee in Canada! This medium roasted Kicking Horse coffee, smart ass, will definitely make your morning like a kick start to daily routine work.

  • Like the Kicking horse smart ass, the coffee has an intense flavor.
  • This whole medium-dark roast has a fantastic aroma.
  • Kicking horse whole medium-dark roast coffee does not have a bitter after taste.
  • You can view these whole medium roast coffee beans on Amazon.
  • People often get good deals on Amazon.
  • Kicking Horse Coffee beans whole medium roast seems to be too dry for some people.
  • The smart ass whole medium-dark roast intense taste might go off for some people.

7. Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick-Ass, Dark Roast

Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick-Ass, Dark Roast


How about trying a cup of coffee that makes you daring, bold and fearless?. Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick-Ass, dark roast is something you must try to feel the pride and enjoy its amazing taste.

It is not just having a cup of coffee, Kicking Horse Coffee carries an attitude and only people who like to have a kind of charged up mornings can sustain this Kick-Ass dark roast blend. It won’t be wrong to say that Kicking Horse Coffee is the best on the list because of its taste, body and dark roast flavor.  

This Kick-Ass dark roast coffee possesses; a blend of licorice, chocolate malt, molasses, and the earthy flavor that will keep reminding you for a long time you had a cup of it due to its lasting taste effects. This Kicking Horse Coffee blend is harvested in Indonesia & South Africa.

You can view the product of Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick-Ass, dark roast on Amazon for price and reviews. It is advisable to view Amazon on a regular basis for promotional offers.

  • Kicking Horse, Kick-Ass, Dark roast carries an amazing taste.
  • This dark roasted coffee is neither too bitter nor too strong.
  • Good coffee at a good price.
  • The Kick-Ass carries a smooth body and fresh taste.
  • Kicking Horse Coffee despite being too strong is a strong coffee for coffee lovers.
  • You can view this dark roast blend on Amazon, can also view its price and reviews on Amazon.
  • People often get good deals on Amazon.
  • Some people find the Kick-Ass dark roast taste like burnt beans.
  • Some people find the coffee to be too bitter, the ones who try the milky ones too often.

8. Cafe Don Pablo Signature Blend Coffee, Whole Bean, Medium-Dark Roast

Cafe Don Pablo Signature Blend Coffee, Whole Bean, Medium-Dark Roast


When it comes to coffee blend detailing, Cafe Don Pablo Signature Blend Coffee, the medium-dark has combined a blend of beans from Columbia, Guatemala, and Brazil. This blend is a medium-dark roast with cocoa complementing the product makes it more recommendable to give it a try. 

Also, it goes easy on your stomach due to its low acidity. The product is available on Amazon. It is advisable to view Amazon on a frequent basis for promotional offers.

If you buy this medium one because of its company’s popularity and name, you did justice! They do hold the responsibility of 1,000,000 coffee trees planted in South America, meaning they run a certified product to rely upon. As far as their processing is concerned, they are not the conventional ones who mix in Robusta. They carry a dedicated staff as, “ Q grader”, to ensure the quality of their product in small batches.

  • This medium one contains a fresh & wonderful taste.
  • Available on Amazon.
  • People often get good deals on Amazon.
  • Some people claim this brand of medium one has spoiled their habit, they can’t switch to any other brand.
  • The aroma of the medium-dark roast is fantastic.
  • Some people say the beans are burnt.
  • It is not recommended for real coffee lovers, especially the ones who like the strong caffeine content because the medium one does not serve their purpose.

9. Lavazza Gran Crema Medium Espresso Roast

Lavazza Gran Crema Medium Espresso Roast


If you are looking for coffee shots to kick start your day,  Lavazza Gran Crema Medium Espresso Roast is the one you must give it a try. A combination of chocolate with spicy taste leaves you nowhere except liking it.

The two-inch cup of this  Lavazza Espresso shot will leave you with a long-lasting caffeine craving in your mouth to enjoy the day. It is available on Amazon, you can also view them on Amazon for price, reviews and promotional offers.  

  • A perfect combination from South America & Africa with distinct flavors.
  • The Lavazza Gran Crema espresso medium has got a perfect aroma.
  • Easily available on Amazon.
  • People often get good deals on Amazon.
  • Lavazza Gran Crema medium is designed for espresso machine use only.
  • The spicy flavor of Lavazza Gran Crema might put some people off from this medium espresso.

10. Kicking Horse Coffee, Three Sisters, Medium Roast, Whole Bean

Kicking Horse Coffee, Three Sisters, Medium Roast, Whole Bean


You know there are some people who like the combinations a lot, despite it comes from a reputable brand people often take this as a strong and intense coffee blend as its name suggests. On the other hand, this one is the perfect mixture of light, medium-dark and dark roast coffee in a single bag.

If you are an occasional over, it’s worth a try. The product is available on Amazon; you can also view them for reviews and promotional offers.

The coffee beans are a blend of three Indonesian, Central, and South American coffee beans. The kicking horse is made to give tribute to the three peaks in Canada. The flavor is described as smooth, seductive and bold.

  • Three sisters medium one is Certified organic and it’s a certified fair trade.
  • Tastes have tones of tobacco, stone fruit, and cocoa.
  • Easily available on Amazon.
  • People often get good deals on Amazon.
  • Beans are too oily to be used in automatic espresso machines; a manual process is required for people who don’t have espresso machines.
  • The beans are roasted in large batches.
  • Quality may not be consistent.

Final Thoughts

Once again to remind you, go for the whole beans when you are buying coffee, as they retain freshness and aroma way better than the ground ones. Make small batches by grinding the beans as per your consumption before going to make another batch.

This will definitely retain the freshness of your coffee and of course, you will enjoy a better and richer taste. As far as dark roasted beans are concerned, they do carry as stronger and richer taste than the light ones.

To conclude this, it would be true to say that if you like the rich and strong coffee goes for the dark roasted beans, and if you like mild and light coffee, go for the lighter tone beans. As the only important feature to consider while buying the beans is the color of the beans, rest is all procedural.

I hope you will find this piece of writing important in taking the best decision to buy the most appropriate coffee beans for you.